Similar to how people have different personalities, SUNMAI believes that each beer should also be unique. With the use of local ingredients, stories unfolding around us are brewed in our beers, and by tracing back to the essence of creative desires, you just might discover that what you are tasting is not just beer, but it is something that resonates with your personality and connects with you. Departing from this notion, SUNMAI.COM seeks to follow the Artisans, Chemistry, and Materials behind culinary and beverage arts. We will take you on a journey exploring different experiences and horizons, and for you to distill from it your very own distinctive lifestyle infused with delightful foods and spirits.


Keeping your taste buds in mind, we have embarked on this journey searching for true flavors. From the brewing process to quality assurance, SUNMAI is determined to become your beer companion, as we share with you everything we know about beer and let you freely explore the possibilities that true flavors have to offer.
Never say "me too", SUNMAI, the one and only.
Quentin Yeh|CEO
Every SUNMAI beer is distinctively unique,I believe that you will find one that will cater to your taste.”
Chris|Operations Director
As the tastes are developed and the raw ingredients utilized, an unwavering balance between the ingredients’ original flavors and the beer is maintained.
Max Lin|Product Development, Brewer
We want people to understand, appreciate the rich and interesting features that craft beers have to offer.
Marcie Chan|Management, Special Assistant


SUNMAI is the new and improved craft beer brand under Le Blé d'Or. It is developed in Taiwan and is expanding all throughout Asia, with a different interpretation on beer shared with all.
  • Asian Creation Series: BANDOH, GANKOU, LONGAN HONEY
  • Asian Creation Series: GULF OF SIAM, HAIKU

SUNMAI Classic Series

The Original Series made from wheat, rye, and barley are the cornerstones of Le Blé d'Or. Different characteristics are found in different malts, and Le Blé d'Or follows the meticulously precise craft passed down from VLB International Brewing Service, Research & School in Germany, as we seek to bring out the best quality in each malt, brewing classic beers with lingering timeless aromas.

SUNMAI Asian Creation Series

Longan honey was the first from the wonderful ingredients available locally in Taiwan that Le Blé d'Or has discovered, with the honey used in our honey beer that has won first prize at The World Beer Contest (WBC). We strive to continue to create craft beers with unique Asian twists, and in the future, you might be able to taste flavors of Japan, India, or Thailand in our brews. We invite you to use the unique vocabularies we have created with beer to express yourself and tell your story.


You might be able to catch a glimpse of the latest trend online, but we also hope that you can have a true local experience in person. At SUNMAI CUBE, we will from time to time surprise you with different creative food and beer pairings. You may also attend one of our many sessions of “Beerology” at our concept store inside Huashan 1914 Creative Park, where more culinary and beer information is shared. We invite you to savor the flavors of SUNMAI and enjoy the splendors of life, sip by sip.
Please come and enjoy brand new beer and food pairings at SUNMAI CUBE located inside Xinyi District’s Commune A7.
Borrow a pen from one of the wait staff and you just might jot down some fabulous ideas on the napkin on your table! On SUNMAI.life, the editorial team at Napkin is there to help you document all your delicious, entertaining, and gorgeous gastronomic experiences. The adventure also extends beyond the dinning table, as other interesting ideas are brought back and incorporated in the dinning experience. Any food and beer that you may think are quite ordinary may have hidden gems in them waiting for your to discover, document, and revolutionize.
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